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Kitchen Remodeling Examples

Piela CT Kitchen Remodeling  - Gallery
New Kitchen Sink by Piela Enterprise - Gallery
Modern Kitchen Remodel by Piela Enterprise - Gallery
East Hampton CT Kitchen Remodeling  - Gallery
New Bathroom in Glastonbury CT - Gallery
East Hampton CT Kitchen remodel - Gallery
Glastonbury CT Home Office - Gallery

Our Services

Bathroom Remodel - Gallery


Transform your old Connecticut Bathroom today. We are committed to Remodeling and Building the Bathroom for you and your dream home. Get Your Free Consultation Now!

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Small Kitchen - Gallery


We’ve remodeled hundreds of Kitchens throughout the state of Connecticut! With over 10 years of experience we will ensure your new Kitchen meets your family’s needs.

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Windows and Doors Services - Gallery

Windows & Doors

It is a great time to replace your Windows or Doors!  Right now, Piela Enterprise LLC is offering discounts for Window and Door Replacement in East Hampton, CT.

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Custom Bathroom Remodeling in CT

We proudly provide Custom Bathroom Remodeling Services to the following Connecticut Towns